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Veterans donating cash to help heroes buy homes

Veterans, Medical Professionals, First Responders, Teachers And Their Family Members.

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ONNIT is a veteran owned and operated organization who donates fees collected from a network of real estate companies on behalf of their members. This donation, “ONNIT CASH”, is provided after closing.. Remember to refer co-workers, friends and family that they can also receive ONNIT CASH when they buy or sell a home.

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    ONNIT members have the opportunity to work with trusted real estate agents and companies nationally through a network of real estate companies. When you purchase or sell a home, you earn ONNIT CASH worth hundreds, up to thousands, of dollars based on the price and location of your home. Some states prohibit paying cash rewards on real estate transactions, but gift cards or a commission reduction is available. There is no fee to receive an ONNIT lifetime membership. *Amount of donations received are based on real estate brokers receiving 3% of a gross commission income, on a sale.

    Meet The ONNIT Advisory Board

    David Brown | U.S. Army


    Michael Busteed  |  U.S. Army

    David Fuka | U.S. Coast Guard

    Robert Denckhoff | U.S. Marine Corp

    Michael Haider | U.S. Air Force

    Larry R. Johnson | U.S. Army

    Michael Getz | U.S. Air Force

    Jim Bailey | U.S. Army

    Cory L. Kammerdiener | U.S. Navy

    Roy Brown JR
    U.S. Marine Corp

    CEO Co-founder of OPFOB

    Stephanie Brown,
    Co-Founder/Secretary of OPFOB

    ONNIT™ does not sell, trade or transfer otherwise your personal data to any third parties other than to our advisors, consultants and sub-contractors who assist you in receiving rewards and related services, and who are subject to security and confidentiality obligations.

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