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Michael Busteed | U.S. Army

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Michael Busteed is a Senior Army Instructor within the United States Army Cadet Command Junior Reserve Officer Training Program.  He spent 21 years on Active Duty as an Army Aviation Officer where he predominantly worked in the aviation logistics and maintenance field as a helicopter test pilot.  As a Senior Army Aviator, he held numerous command positions both within the 101st Airborne Division and the 18th Airborne Corps.  He has earned both the Bronze Star and Air Medal through multiple combat deployments ranging from Desert Storm to Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2009, he held the position of Department Chair for the Military Science Department at California State University in Fresno.

After retiring in 2009, Michael transitioned from the aviation field into the education arena.   Feeling that he could impact today’s youth through mentorship, coaching, and instruction he returned to his hometown to take on a position at an inner-city school in Savannah, Georgia.  Although holding an extensive background in aviation and possessing both a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing and a Master’s in Business Administration, his decision to transition into what was a somewhat unfamiliar career field has been immensely rewarding and satisfying.  He has been able to impact the lives of over 1,000 young people by guiding them to such things as military scholarships for college, military service, or other successful civilian career fields.

Michael Lives in Bluffton, South Carolina, with his wife Paula, where they stay busy with their five kids ranging in age from Hgh School to post-college graduates.

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